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A great increase in serious diseases parallells the usage of the GMO herbicide Roundup

2015 01 23

[For the Swedish version, see: Kraftig ökning av sjukligheten…]

A very large increase in chronic diseases has occurred in the US in the last 20 years. A statistical analysis based on data from the US health authorities suggests a strong association between the extent of the use of the GMO herbicide Roundup and a range of common chronic diseases, including high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson and certain cancers. This result confirms other research indicating that glyphosate increases the risk for said diseases. An almost equally strong correlation was found between chronic diseases and the extent of GMO cultivation.

Roundup has been used for spraying GMO crops to withstand this weed poison (known as Roundup-resistant GM crops). Please note that there was an almost equally strong connection with the cultivation of GM crops. This analysis does not allow to determine whether the morbidity increase was due solely to Roundup usage alone or whether eating the products GM-crops also contributed. Also Roundup has been used extensively to spray non-GMO wheat right before harvesting and is then found in wheat flour.

Summary in plain language for the layman

The prevalence of chronic diseases was compared with the use of Roundup and the cultivation of GMOs (we call this combination Roundup&GMO below). Only public data from the Ministry of Health (its department CDC) and the Ministry of Agriculture (USDA) were used. It was found that the greater use of Roundup and GMOs in agriculture, the greater morbidity in a number of serious chronic diseases. It is striking that before Roundup & GMO was introduced, the morbidity (= how often a disease occurs in a population) was constant in most cases while, since their introduction, it increased substantially in parallel with their

2014-11-24 use. as illustrated in the diagram to the left (the red line shows Glyphosate usage and the yellow bars morbidity). The statistical correlation was very strong and the statistical probability  that the correlation was due to chance was extremely low. (For an explanation of correlation, see fotnote)

As a whole, the result indicates a significant connection between Roundup&GMO usage and several chronic diseases, including hypertension, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, senile dementia, Parkinson’s, MS, Autism, inflammatory bowel disease, intestinal infections, serious kidney disease, cancer of the thyroid, bladder, pancreas and kidney, as well as myeloid leukemia.

The result can be explained by the fact that Roundup has toxic effects of various types that can lead to said chronic illness and even death. Actually, the authors selected only those diseases for this study that had been reported earlier to be associated with Roundup usage.

Some illustrative charts

2014-11-24 et-al.

[PSRAST:] The diagram above indicates a strong parallellism between Roundup&GM usage and the growing incidence of diabetes. The statistical correlation 0.935 is very strong. The green line shows the incidence for ten years before the introduction of Roundup and GMOs and shows that before these were introduced, the incidence was constant. Roundup is known to disrupt the hormonal balance and metabolism.

A few more examples: 2014-11-24 et-al.

[PSRAST:] The rate of death due to intestinal diseases was constant for twelve years before the roundup was introduced and the diagram shows how it has increased substantially in parallel with Roundup use. The correlation was almost 1:1  (.97) and the probabililty that this was due to chance was less than 7 on a billion.

The reason for this strong correlation can be explained by the fact that Roundup acts in three ways that enhance each other:

– Roundup kills the beneficial ”probiotic” lactic acid-forming gut bacterial flora that protect against harmful, poison-forming bacteria in the intestines.

– Roundup inhibits Cytochrome P450 – the system that plays a key role in the elimination of poisons. 

– Furthermore it seems that Roundup may cause leaky gut ”(see Samsell & Seneff 2013 ).

With leaky gut, the intestinal mucosal barrier against toxins damaged so that large amounts of bacterial toxins from the deranged bacterial flora can enter the blood. Since the ability to neutralize these toxins is reduced due to the inhibition of detoxification system, it is conceivable that people exposed to glyphosate and have a toxin-producing intestinal flora and leaky gut, can become so poisoned that they die in the worst case.


[PSRAST:] Here again we find a very strong correlation -.97 with Roundup and a very strong significance – 7 to a billion.

This complication of Glyphosate is well documented and has caused epidemics of kidney failure. Because of this it is banned in Sal Salvador and in Sri Lanka, that partially withdrew it after pressure from the industry.

Quote from the article being reviewed here:

”According to Jayasumana et al. (2014) glyphosate’s strong chelating properties allow it t o combine with heavy metals and arsenic in hard water resulting in damage to renal tissues, thereby causing chronic kidney diseases. The authors concluded that, ”The GMA [Glyphosate-metal/arsenic complex] lattice hypothesis gives rational and consistent explanations to the many observations an d unanswered questions associated with the mysterious kidney disease in rural Sri Lanka ”

The research group of Seralini, a former advisor of the UN and of the European union reported:

“In treated males, liver congestions and necrosis were 2.5 to 5.5 times higher. Marked and severe nephropathies were also generally 1.3 to 2.3 times greater. In females, all treatment groups showed a two- to threefold increase in mortality, and deaths were earlier.” (p.1)

Source: Seralini, al, 2014, Republished study: long-term toxicity of a Roundup herbicide and a Roundup-tolerant genetically modified maize. Environmental Sciences Europe, 2014: 14.

A recent human study found 5 times increased for kidney disease in people drinking well water or are occupationally exposed to Roundup.

Source: Channa Jayasumana et al. ”Drinking well water and occupational exposure to Herbicides is associated with chronic kidney disease, in Padavi-Sripura, Sri Lanka.” Environmental Health 2015,14:6

Plainly, there exist scientific observations supporting severe kidney damage from Roundup. So again, the strong correlation in this study is not surprising.

2014-11-24 et-al.

[PSRAST:] The chart reflects the extremely strong correlation (0.99) between Roundup Use and thyroid cancer. Note that before Roundup the thyroid cancer incidence was constant for over 15 years. The correlation was extremely high, .99, that is almost complete parallellism between increase of Roundup and increase of Thyroid Cancer. The statistical significance was again extremely strong with the chance of 7 on a billion that this happened due to chance.Several factors are suspected to contribute here. Roundup interferes with the immune system, damages DNA and inhibits the above-mentioned important detoxifying enzymes whereby the impact of cancer-causing toxins in the environment and the food is enhanced. Several other types of cancer also had a strong connection with Roundup.

Comment by PSRAST

The overall pattern indicating a connection between Roundup&GMO is impressive:

  • For all studied diseases Roundup usage and disease incidence began to increase at the same time while being constantly low before.
  • In all disease reported to be affected,  there had already been reported an association with Roundup by other studies
  • In all the affected diseases there is a biological explanation why the Roundup can cause the disease.
  • When it comes to acute renal failure and end stage renal disease, the connection was so obvious that Roundup was banned in two countries (San Salvador and Sri Lanka) since it caused an epidemic of severe kidney damage (the Government of Sri Lanka, however, later yielded to pressures from the industry and withdrew the ban partially).

Monsanto’s experts will surely try to explain it away by arguing that statistical analysis of epidemiological data can not reliably prove causation. This is correct in principle and would have some sense if the increase had occurred with only one or two of the 20 surveyed diseases but not the others. Moreover, Monsantos experts have to explain what is the probability that some twenty different diseases began to increase right when Roundup was introduced and why they increased exactly in parallell with Roundup usage without Roundup usage being the cause.

Monsanto’s experts have further to explain how Roundup could not be the cause for this extremely strong correlation with Roundup use in exactly those diseases that have been reported to be caused by Roundup. A tantalizing task as it seems.

The Monsanto expertrs, and probably some ”independent” scientists who have a hidden connection with Monsanto (see footnote) will say it can not be ruled out that there was another factor that was the real reason. This is a proper objection if one considers each case of correlation in isolation. But they must then demonstrate that some another unknown factor exists that is so seriously damaging as to cause severe illness and death, and who rose exactly in parallel with Roundup, and this damaging influence must have exactly the same kind of biological harmful effect profile (hypertension, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, kidney failure, thyroid cancer etc) as Roundup.

This unknown substance can not have been released in small quantities, but must, like Roundup have been distributed in tons, increasing exactly in parallel with the inreased use of Roundup. The usage of such a highly toxic substance would no doubt have been known. Most importantly, no other poisonous substance has a similar risk profile.

Anyone who nonetheless claims that this study does not prove anything about the risks of Roundup is either incompetent or, what is more likely, corrupt.

 Summary conclusion

Here there is a combination of

  • Extremely high statistical correlation
  • Extremely strong statistical significance
  • A strikingly parallel development of morbidity over time for disparate diseases suggesting a common cause
  • A close coincidence in every case between the beginning of an increased incidence of diverse diseases and the deployment of Roundup and the GMOs
  • A striking parallelism between the morbidity rise and the rise of Roundup & GMO usage.
  • Scientifically documented toxic effects of Roundup that are known to cause the said diseases (see ” Why Glyphosate Should be banned ”from 2012).

This seems to justify the conclusion that the increase in morbidity probably was caused by Roundup and GMOs.

The summary of the scientific report

(Edited by PSRAST with bullet points, bold o Emphasis added by PSRAST with explanations in [square brackets])


Nancy L. Swanson, Andre Leu, Jon Abrahamson and Bradley Wallet

A huge increase in the incidence and prevalence of chronic diseases has been reported in the United States (US) over the past 20 years. Similar increases have been seen globally.

Herbicide glyphosate [Roundup] were introduced in 1974 and its use has accelerated with the advent of herbicide-tolerant genetically modified (GMO) crops. There is growing evidence that glyphosate interferes with many metabolic processes in plants and animals and glyphosate residues have been detected [in blood, tissue and breast milk] of both.

Glyphosate disrupt endocrine [= hormone] system, disrupts the intestinal flora, damage DNA and is a driving force for mutations that lead to cancer.

In the current study, were searched public databases in the United States regarding GMO crop data, glyphosate [Roundup] use data and epidemiological data Regarding the incidence of disease. Correlation analyzes were then performed on a total of 22 illnesses in these time series datasets.

Pearson correlation coefficients [= statistical measure of the relationship] was highly significant (<10-5) [this figure means that the chance that the relationship was caused by the sump was less than one in 100,000]

[They found a very strong correlation in the form of an unusually high correlation] between glyphosate use and:

  • hypertension [high blood pressure] (R = 0.923), [R = korrelationskofficient that max can be 1.0. R = 0.923 is an extremely powerful connection. Very rarely does one see such strong correlations in statistical analyzes in medicine. This, together with the very low probability that the relationship was caused by chance, indicating that there is a very strong and statistically highly reliable connection]
  • stroke (R = 0.925),
  • Diabetes prevalence [occurrence] (R = 0.971),
  • Diabetes incidence [attack rates] (R = 0.935),
  • obesity (R = 0.962);
  • lipoprotein metabolism [disorders of fat metabolism] (R = 0.973),
  • Alzheimer’s (R = 0.917);
  • senile dementia (R = 0.994);
  • Parkinson’s (R = 0.875);
  • Multiple Sclerosis (R = 0.828), [although this is the lowest figure means 0.83 a very strong link]
  • Autism (R = 0.989), [Note – extremely strongly related]
  • Inflammatory bowel disease (R = 0.938);
  • Intestinal infections (R = 0.974),
  • Stage renal disease (R = 0.975),
  • Acute renal failure (R = 0.978),
  • Cancer of the
    • thyroid (R = 0.988), [Note]
    • liver (R = 0.960);
    • bladder (R = 0.981),
    • pancreas (R = 0.918);
    • kidney (R = 0.973)
  • Myeloid leukemia (R = 0.878).

Pearson correlation coefficients were highly significant (<10-4) [one in ten thousand] between the proportion of planted GE corn and soy and:

  • hypertension (R = 0.961);
  • stroke (R = 0.983),
  • Diabetes prevalence (R = 0.983),
  • Diabetes incidence (R = 0.955),
  • obesity (R = 0.962);
  • lipoprotein metabolism disorder (R = 0.955),
  • Alzheimer’s (R = 0.937);
  • Parkinson’s (R = 0.952);
  • multiple sclerosis (R = 0.876);
  • hepatitis C (R = 0.946),
  • end stage renal disease (R = 0.958),
  • acute renal failure (R = 0.967),
  • cancer
    • thyroid (R = 0.938);
    • liver (R = 0.911);
    • bladder (R = 0.945),
    • pancreas (R = 0.841);
    • kidney (R = 0.940) and
  • myeloid leukemia (R = 0.889).

The statistical significance and strength of the correlation shows that the effects of glyphosate and GM crops on human health should be investigated further.


The unedited original:


Nancy L. Swanson 1, Andre Leu 2 *, 3 Jon Abrahamson and Bradley Wallet 4


A huge Increase in the incidence and prevalence of chronic diseases HAS BEEN reported in the United States (US) over the last 20 years. Similar Increases havebeen seen globally. The herbicide glyphosate was Introduced in 1974 and Its use is accelerating with the advent of herbicide-tolerant genetically engineered (GE) crops. Evidence is mounting That glyphosate interferes with many metabolic processes in plants and animals and glyphosate residues havebeen detected in bothering. Glyphosate disrupts the endocrine system and the balance of gut bacteria, it damages DNA and is a run of mutations That lead to cancer. In the present study, the US government databases were searched for GE crop data, Glyphosate Application Data and Disease epidemiological data. Correlation Analyses were then Performed on a total of 22 diseases In These time-series datasets. The Pearson correlation coefficients are highly significant (<10-5) between Glyphosate Applications and hypertension (R = 0.923), stroke (R = 0.925), diabetes prevalence (R = 0971), diabetes incidence (R = 0.935), obesity (R = 0962), lipoprotein metabolism disorder (R = 0973), Alzheimer’s (R = 0917), senile dementia (R = 0994), Parkinson’s (R = 0.875), multiple sclerosis (R = 0828), autism (R = 0.989), inflammatory bowel disease (R = 0.938), intestinal infections (R = 0.974), end-stage renal disease (R = 0.975), acute kidney failure (R = 0978), cancers of the thyroid (R = 0.988), liver (R = 0.960), bladder (R = 0981), pancreas (R = 0.918), kidney (R = 0973) and myeloid leukemia (R = 0.878). The Pearson correlation coefficients are highly significant (<10-4) Between the percentage-of GE corn and soy planted in the US and hypertension (R = 0961), stroke (R = 0.983), diabetes prevalence (R = 0.983), diabetes incidence (R = 0.955), obesity (R = 0.962), lipoprotein metabolism disorder (R = 0.955), Alzheimer’s (R = 0937), Parkinson’s (R = 0.952), multiple sclerosis (R = 0876), hepatitis C (R = 0946 ), end-stage renal disease (R = 0.958), acute kidney failure (R = 0967), cancers of the thyroid (R = 0.938), liver (R = 0.911), bladder (R = 0.945), pancreas (R = 0841 ), kidney (R = 0.940) and myeloid leukemia (R = 0.889). The significance and strength of the correlations Show That The effects of glyphosate and GE crops on human health Should be Investigated Further.

Source Journal of Organic Systems, Vol 8, No. 2, 2014.


Correlation analysis is the study of the relatonship between the change of two different things. It is expressed in a ”correlation coefficient” and when this it is 1.0, this means that the change of the two things is exactly parallell. In this report we find many coefficient above .9 which inidicates a degree of parallellism that is unusual in medical contexts.
Statistical significance indicates the probability that an observation is caused by chance. Here the probability was generally one on 100.000, which likewise is a very strong indication that the correlation was due to chance. The term used for statistical significance is p and is written in this case as p < (less than) .00001 or 10exp-5 or 10-5.
Scientists are dependent on the sponsorship by corporations to a large extent. This is especially the case in areas that are of economic interest for the corporations. Therefore the universities dealing with issues related to GMO are highly sponsored. Scientists who have expressed critical opinions or published results that indicate negative effects of GMO-s have been sacked, see ”Suppression of the Truth

Copyright PSRAST 2014. May be copied or in part is cited as the source, PSRAST, stated including the article’s URL.

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